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Joe Green is a Certified Life Coach and an Adjunct Instructor with Wake Technical Community College (WTCC).  For more information on the classes he teaches at WTCC, see below. 
Wake Technical Community College - Human Resources and Development Department (HRD).
HRD programs provide employability skills training and assistance for all adults who are trying to find gainful employment, transitioning back into the workforce, or simply trying to redefine their professional niche in today's global market.  The various courses, workshops, and seminars are designed to address the current needs and trends of the complex and constantly-changing workforce.
All HRD courses are offered at NO CHARGE to individuals who are unemployed or who have received notice of a layoff or pending layoff.  Courses are also free to those who may be "underemployed" as determined by state and federal guidelines. (Please contact HRD for more information about determining your eligibility - Pat Taylor 919-532-5696.)
To consider the HRD classes being taught by Joe Green, Certified Life Coach & Adjunct Instructor, click on the link: Courses offered by Joe Green
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Living Your Potential Life Coaching is offering a special rate coaching package for individuals who are unemployed or soon to be unemployed.  Receive the support and guidance you need as you move through this transition in your life. For more information on this coaching package - Contact Joe Green, 919-810-5025. Or click Contact Us and submit your information. You will be contacted shortly.